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Our vision at Trellis Housing Finance Limited is to transform lives through affordable housing finance.

We are inviting you to be a part of our journey.

Pakistan has one of the lowest Housing Finance to GDP ratios, currently at 0.25%. As a comparison, Bangladesh stands at 3% and India at 11%. Pakistan is also facing a housing crisis as 10 million Pakistanis do not have access to suitable housing conditions and this number is growing by 0.7 million per year. 100 million Pakistanis do not have access to financial services products. All these factors have resulted in a situation where it is increasingly difficult for low and middle income households to afford good quality housing.

Trellis Housing Finance Limited is looking to create an ecosystem that fills this demand gap in the market by providing home loans/mortgages to low and middle income households to enable them to buy and build their own homes, and at the same time, by partnering with housing providers, we are helping to increase the supply of low cost, good quality housing.

Through our product offering, we have introduced a range of housing finance options, tailored towards our local market.

Under new legislation passed, more stringent laws are now in place to protect the lender against default on payments by the borrowers. The construction industry has also been given various incentives to grow. Together these and other government decisions have made the environment conducive to not only an increased supply of homes but also will allow lenders to lend to potential homeowners.

We see Trellis’ social impact beyond simple home financing solutions. We believe that providing access to housing helps pull customers out of poverty and supports some very important UN Social Development Goals.

Experts with affordable housing, microfinance & finance background and a combined 150+ years of industry experience.

Low Cost Agency-Based Model

Targeted districts, localized demos and leveraging existing local loan officers and agents.

Applying the Latest in FinTech

We’re using the latest in FinTech, Housing & informal economy research to address the needs of an under-served market.

Proudly Supporting UN Social Development Goals